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Revenue-Generating Marketing Ideas To Start Now!

Written by Rob Hoffman

The last day of summer is this Saturday, September 22nd, and that means it’s time to start marketing your Club’s Fall and Holiday promotions if you haven’t already. It may seem like the shorter days and cooler weather would hurt your bottom line, but in reality, there are plenty of marketing opportunities to promote seasonal club offerings to boost your annual revenue.

Below are some revenue-generating initiatives your club can promote this Fall!

Early Bird Membership Campaigns

Even though summer is nearly over, there is still much golf to be played! If your club has annual memberships, now is a great time to promote your 2019 memberships with free golf the rest of the year. This will entice the customers who enjoy your club, but on the fence with a membership investment.

You don’t always have to discount or give away something either. Create a value-added Membership offer that your members can’t refuse! You can do this by increasing your membership price slightly and throw in a low-cost equipment item. For example, “Free Driver With Your 2019 Membership” with an expiration date of November 1st. The timing of an offer like this aligns perfectly this time of year with the upcoming release of 2019 product lines and increase in consumer spending during the Holidays.

memberships driver

Are You Ready For Some Football!?

It’s Football season and you may have noticed some slower weekend golf days. Make your club the Game-Day Spot your golfers want to watch Football at! A couple of ways to do this could be offering a weekend golf package including golf and a lunch special. Also, be sure to promote your weekend Football Specials during the afternoon, so those that are just practicing in the afternoon, now have an additional incentive to have lunch at your club and watch football. You can do this by placing a geofence message over your course that highlights the weekend specials.

Another way to make sure your tee sheet doesn’t suffer during the Football season is by having an early morning shotgun during the weekends. This way your golfers can make it a ritual to get their course time in before Football, and you still had 144 players on your course.


Fill Up Your Weekday Tee Sheet

Maybe summer leagues are ending or college students are back at school, and your club is experiencing open windows of availability that you want to be booked asap. No problem! You can do a number of things with your app to fill up your tee sheet. Of course, by now you’ve heard us discuss push notifications, but this powerful tool can instantly get a message to your audience and booking a tee time within a couple clicks. This return is easily worth the 30 seconds of time it will take you to craft a message and click send.

If you want to provide a golf promotion, create an in-app reward with the Offer Locker. By using the Offer Locker consistently, you will increase downloads, engagement, and make your app content more fun and valuable to your audience. Examples of this can be $5 off your weekday round anytime after 3 pm, or $49 weekday round and dinner.

weekday tee sheet

Affiliate Marketplace - The Christmas Miracle For Your Club

It’s not too early to begin thinking about the Holidays and how your club can maximize its holiday sales. What if we told you, you could increase club revenue by simply adding a button to your app? It sounds too good to be true, but our Affiliate Program is designed for our Club Partners to do just that! We’ll connect you to a number of brands your golfers can shop online and when an online sale is made, your club gets a percentage through your affiliation. This is a great way to get ahead of the Holiday Season and offer products to your customers without stocking them in your golf shop. The Affiliate Marketplace is free and easy to sign up, and flexible in brands you want available in your Club App.

Get Started - Sign Up Now!

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like… Party Season!

As some of you may be going out-of-season soon, it’s peak season to book venues for Holiday parties. Start marketing your clubhouse facilities for social gatherings, corporate luncheons, and the end of the year celebrations! If you experienced a rough season due to harsh weather conditions, this is a great way to recover from any lost revenue.

Below are some examples of a Holiday flyer created by the BOOST team. Do you need a Holiday flyer created for your course? Contact the BOOST team and they will deliver you a complimentary flyer for your Holiday promotions! Whether you were affected by the weather this season or not, we hope you take us up on our Holiday Design Offer.. As an early Christmas gift to you! ;)

holiday party

Request Holiday Promotion Flyer

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the best golf marketing strategy for your course, please reach out to our BOOST Team. Whether it’s ideas on your Fall events, Black Friday promotions, Holiday parties, BOOST can offer advice on best methods for making your message stand out against your competitors!


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