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Gallus News - Gallus Golf’s Mobile Ordering Solution Contributing To Increase Kitchen Sales By 28% For Partnered Club!

Written by Rob Hoffman

Gallus Golf’s Mobile Ordering Solution Contributing To Increase Kitchen Sales By 28% For Partnered Club!

Featured in The Golf Wire October 17th, 2018

– Ontario, Canada –

In a recent Gallus Golf blog, President and Founder of St. Marys Golf & Country Club, Matt Staffen, has attributed his club’s increase in kitchen sales to Gallus Golf mobile ordering solution. St. Marys Golf & Country Club has been a partnered club with Gallus Golf since 2015 and implemented many of their marketing tools to enhance the customer experience at their club.

Gallus Golf’s mobile ordering solution, onTAP, works seamlessly with a golf POS system to communicate orders and have them either delivered to golfers or available for pickup at a clubhouse. St. Marys has delivered this unique offering to their golfers and surrounding residents near their club to increase the opportunities for kitchen sales.

Providing the best experience for golfers is the heart of St. Marys’ mission, especially being that they are in a competitive golf market in Ontario, Canada. Staffen says “It’s more about trying to provide customer value and an experience. If you have your own app, you can connect with the customer that way and offer different things for them to connect to your business. For example, onTAP is a new way to get orders that can be available to someone on the course or a local nearby that wants to pick up food.”

They have ensured their golfers are aware of this solution and any club offering through Gallus marketing tools, as well. Staffen adds, “We’ve pushed onTAP to our customers through push notifications. We want to remind people when they are on the course that they can order food through the app. That was a big thing, as well, because our kitchen sales are up 28% this season. If someone has the app on their phone they will make that decision quicker than looking for a local restaurant.”

About St. Marys Golf & Country Club

St. Marys Golf & Country Club is one of Ontario’s best semi-private facilities, located in a picturesque residential community. Opening in 1932, St. Marys has maintained its place as a top course in their market by continuing to reinvest into their course and providing an social atmosphere for their golfers to enjoy.

To learn more, visit https://stmarysgolf.com/.

About Gallus Golf

Gallus Golf strengthens the relationship between golf course and customer through their marketing and technology tools. They are the leader in building branded golf communities, increasing customer loyalty, and delivering innovative on-course technology. 

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