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Celebrating 10 Years of Gallus Golf Featured

Written by Rob Hoffman

In July of 2021, we will reach our 10-year mark officially, but we are starting the party early! We have had an exciting 10 years of disrupting the golf world with groundbreaking custom-branded technology and marketing, and we have you, the entire golf industry, to thank for embracing what we do and becoming successful in these endeavors together.

Here is a look back on the previous 10 years with us:

2011 - The concept of Gallus Golf is formed, the company becomes real, and technology development begins

2012 - We sign our first clients and launch "3-Click Tee Times"

2013 - We begin rapidly adding features including:

  • Stats Tracking
  • Pop-Ups
  • Golf Game Scoring
  • Pace of Play Live Tracking
  • Golf Canada Integration
  • AND, we also launched in Australia (the app works Down Under, but everything spins the other way!)

2014 - More cool features and integrations are released:

  • GHIN Integration
  • Launch of the Gallus Tour, our Monthly Tournament Series

2015 - We launched our own tournament software with the Gallus Tournament Wizard and promptly went into about 75 golf clubs

GTW Computer Shot

2016 - The cool new feature releases continued...

  • Geofence Notifications
  • Segmented Push Notifications
  • Scheduled Push Notifications
  • Interactive Push Notifications

2017 - We got Loyal and Custom with these launches:

  • Loyalty/Rewards Programs launched
  • Customed Home Screens allowing for very custom looks per individual club

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2018 - This year marked major changes to the look and feel of the app with the following:

  • A completely overhauled User Interface for the Virtual Caddy with Touch-Screen GPS and many related features
  • Driving Range GPS
  • The Offer Locker
  • onTap, our click-to-order Food & Beverage module launched

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2019 - A year of refining and integrating:

  • The Offer Locker now offered segmentation
  • Push Notifications added a highly targeted capability, allowing messages to go to individuals, groups, and segments all defined by the club per each send
  • Full Integrations to Golf Genius and Vision Perfect (ViPer) launched to beef up the Gallus Tournament Wizard's capabilities

Member Offer  Member Push


2020 - We adapted quickly with the onset of the Global Pandemic and launched the following:

  • Mobile Tee Time Check-In
  • Enhanced integration to the World Handicap System for GHIN and Golf Canada

             mobile check in

It has always been in our foundation to be a true partner in the success of the clubs we work with, and with each new year, we have worked hard to not just be better at what we have done in previous years and development but to grow to new features and services to help our partnered clubs and courses achieve greater success within their own goals for their businesses.


Our Core Values are to:

1. Innovate - challenging the conventional views to create new technology and marketing landscapes

2. Collaborate - forging internal and external partnerships to create success

3. Excel - never being satisfied with the status quo, always improving in all of our endeavors


As 2021 unfolds and we adhere to these core values, we also want to celebrate with YOU, who made all of this possible.  We will be sharing a lot as the months tick by, including bringing back our weekly tips, sharing success stories of some of our most dynamic course operators, great video introductions to our team members, and some surprises along the way!

We hope you enjoyed the little stroll down memory lane with us, and we look forward to celebrating with all of you as the year continues!

In the meantime, enjoy this flashback to our CEO in 2013 with Ricky Potts hosting the Friday Foursome!


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