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Push Notifications: Communication At Your Fingertips

Written by Holly Fischer

The power is in the push. Besides email and social media, what other tool do you have to reach large groups of people, or individuals, on technology that is in their hands all day long? Your app, of course! Push Notifications are an easy way to communicate with your customers. Most people don’t do anything without their phone, so you’re with them wherever they go!


Push Notifications Drive Viral Growth and Engagement

In 2020, our partnered apps that sent at least one push notification per week averaged 1,046 NEW downloads.  Those that averaged less than one push notification per week averaged only 180 new downloads for the year. In addition, apps that sent at least one push notification per week achieved a notification opt-in rate 41% greater than those that averaged less than one notification per week. When people download your app, not only does this prove they want to hear from you, but it shows they talk about it and create viral growth. 

push notifications

Push Notifications are great to keep in touch with your customers both at or away from the course. Here are some ideas for how to use Push Notifications to their fullest potential this season:

  • Course Updates: Get the word out about course news, weather-related issues, or even to watch out for the alligator on hole #11. Your golfers will appreciate you letting them know all things related to their round that day.
  • Upcoming Events: Looking to fill an event? Send a push to your app audience and take them right to the registration page to secure their spot. 

  • Membership Renewals: Directly target your past members who have not renewed for the season with a push notification to let them know you want them back. This is a great way to use the targeted push feature!
  • League Notifications: Send your weekly push notification to all your league players to remind them to book their tee time for next week. Or maybe even offer them a bounce-back offer to bring them back to play outside their typical league times.
  • Reminders: People forget, we all do. Pushes are a great way to remind someone or a group of people of their upcoming tee time or maybe even just to book their tee time for this weekend. You could even target specific members to let them know their balance is past due for the club.

Overall, pushes are a great way to connect with your customers on a regular basis. You’ll be surprised at the power of the push as you use it through the season. 

Here’s a challenge for the 2021 season:

Send a push notification at least once a week! They are unlimited and these people want to hear from you. Next time you craft up that email or Facebook post, couple it with a push through the app to help spread the word.

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