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Pop-Ups: Make More Money This Season

Written by Holly Fischer

Max'ing out increased golf demand at your course in 2021

It’s no secret that Pop-ups are a great way to communicate with your customers. Have you ever thought about using this communication tool to make you more money? Maybe you don’t want to sell them anything but a local business would like to advertise their services or maybe even a special available for your golf course customers. 

Pop-ups can be triggered to appear at app open, before or after their round, or even during their round. Use pop-ups during the round to indicate placing an order at the turn or maybe when the app opens to alert your customers of a delayed start because of frost. You could even set up a pop-up after their round to remind them to post their score and to grab an ice-cold beer in the 19th Hole before they head home. 

The opportunities are endless. Below are some of the best ideas we’ve seen used lately:


  • App Open Pop-Up: The Main Event - Every time a user opens your app, you have the ability to show them a message and call-to-action for an upcoming event, membership promo, pro shop deal, or anything else you can dream up. Let your golfers know the course conditions for the day or tell them what the chef’s specials are so they can stop by and grab a bite to eat after their round. 
  • Pop-Up Before The Turn: Get Some More F&B Revenue - When a user is playing a round of golf, prompt them with calls to action for what they should be doing next. They’re getting hungry, but do they know what’s on the menu and how to place their order? Set a Pop-Up that triggers after they’ve entered a score on hole 7 or 8. This gives them time to make their selections and place their orders. Their stomachs and your pace-of-play will thank you!
  • End Of Round Pop-Up: Squeeze Out The Last Drops - Now we’re getting close to the end of the round and they’re either having the round of their life (must be nice) or are trying their hardest to break 100. Remind them to stop in the 19th Hole after their round to celebrate that birdie on #11. Is there a league signup page they can visit to get more involved at the club? Maybe there are some openings in your lessons program that can be filled up with a quick signup form. Membership signup? Replay round? You can even remind golfers to post their score after their round right through the app. This is a valuable piece of real estate in your app, so you should be using it. 
  • Tournament Play Pop-Up - Tournaments are a great way to reach golfers outside of your typical database. A great way to utilize pop-ups during tournament play is to have “Sponsors” that appear between holes. Local businesses can advertise offerings, specials, or general awareness to your players. You can even charge them a fee to use this advertising space! Does your tournament have a long drive hole? Use a pop-up to remind players this is their one shot to win the car!

As you think of ways to improve your operation in 2021, think about using pop-ups! Click here to download a flyer to help you market different types of in-app messages to sell space to your local businesses. 

Challenge for the 2021 Season:

Add at least 1 pop-up to your app to help increase revenue!



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