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Take Advantage of Prime Real Estate In Your App

Written by Holly Fischer

Understand the best places to put items in your app.

In a recent interview with one of our clients, Kevin Cassidy at Ancil Hoffman, he mentioned something noteworthy. "Your app is really another point of sale portal (whether connected to your POS software or not) that is at the fingertips of hundreds, if not thousands, of customers who want to hear from you."

How do you use your app to increase revenue and engagement? There are many tools of course, but selecting the right Home Screen buttons and Side Menu items is a sure way to get the right initiatives in front of your customers. 

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As for the Home Screen buttons, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What are they coming to the app for? Pulling analytics from your app will help you see what buttons are accessed the most. Typically, the most accessed features of the app are, in no particular order, Tee Time Bookings, Calendar/News from your course, Score Posting, and GPS/Scorecard. BUT, this doesn’t mean they are not accessing other items in your app, maybe they just aren’t aware of all the content you have in there.

In setting up your Home Screen, know that on average the first 8 buttons are going to be fully visible to your customer. These should be your money makers! These buttons should be not only helpful to the user, to keep them engaged, but also something that will help convert them - tee time bookings for example. Make sure to have high engagement areas like Virtual Caddie near the top all the time so users can access them easily. Right below is a great spot for a calendar of events for your members, or maybe even a “Member Access” folder where they can access events, results, forms - whatever your members use on a regular basis.

As for the Side Menu, think about this as your sub-menu pages of your website. Great ideas for Side Menu items include Course Details, Pin Placement Sheets, and Course Weather. It is smart to have items in your Side Menu for people who download the app for the first time. They are going to look around and see what you have in there for them. For users who have already downloaded your app, schedule a push to a specific item in your side menu to let them know that this is now available in their app. 

For both the Home and Side Menus, consider creating folders! This is a great way to organize content all in one place without having to take up prime real estate. For example, if your club offers a few different types of memberships, create a folder on the home screen titled Membership Offerings. Once the user clicks on this, it will take them to a folder that has buttons for each of the different types of memberships. When they click on a membership type, it will take them to a landing page with an application or form including more information about that membership type. This is a clear path to conversion.

We will soon be releasing an update that will help you dramatically change your Home and Side Menus. You will be able to visually edit both of these locations on your app so you can see how a user would happen across them. Be on the lookout for this update and educational webinars on how to operate it. If you’d like to have this feature enabled now, please reach out to your account manager or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here to watch our latest Pro Tips Webinar all about how to utilize the Home Screen to your advantage this season.



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