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Personalize The Experience for Your Customers With Targeted Offers

Written by Holly Fischer

In 2020, we released a lot of awesome features for your app to help you market to your customers in an unforgettable way. One of these features is the ability to target specific users for specific offers in your Offer Locker of your custom-branded mobile app. Whatever the offer may be, you can target individuals, your leagues, or any group of people. 

When you give your customers what they want, specifically, they become loyal to your facility. Loyalty keeps them coming back to YOUR course instead of the other one up the road. Have you ever been somewhere where they recognize you by name? Or maybe they send you an email for a special offer on something you buy on a regular basis? That personalization is key to loyalty. 

Here are 5 ways to use targeted offers the most this season to keep your customers coming back for years to come…

1. Tournament Bounce Back Offers

Hosting a tournament is a GREAT way to increase downloads, which in turn, increases your customer base. Say you are hosting a tournament for a local charity. Encourage them to download the app! Great, now they have the app, but how do you get them to come back to your course days or weeks after the tournament is over? Sure, you provided excellent customer service and the course was in perfect condition. Tempt them back with a targeted bounce-back offer only available to people who participated in the tournament.

2. League Nights Made Easy

Are your league players playing their round then hitting the road? Target an offer to them to get them to come into the restaurant or bar after your round. This will make the league feel special that you are offering them something special for playing at your course and it will also maximize revenue by keeping them at the course drinking beer and eating with the other league players after their round. Easy peasy.

3. Push Merchandise To People Who Already Buy It!

It is pretty easy for most POS systems to pull reports of what people buy and at what frequency. Is your shop filling up with last season’s merchandise? Target people who already buy that type or brand of merchandise with an offer to get them in the shop buying more of it. Simply export the customer list for the items you are looking to move in your golf shop and add those emails to a targeted offer.

4. Happy Birthday Offers

Nothing is better than being rewarded on your birthday! Plenty of successful businesses offer special offers on your birthday. Why not take it to the golf course? If you have birthdays in your POS system, you can export a list of monthly birthdays and add them as targeted offers for the month for your customers to use based on when their birthday is. 

5. Even Rainchecks!

The cool thing about using the Offer Locker to deliver rainchecks is that you’re requiring a download, which in turn helps drive loyalty also because it exposes that customer to all of the other things you are continuously communicating about, and it has your booking engine front and center to reserve subsequent tee times.


Whatever you’re promoting at your course, make it targeted and personalized for your individual customers. They will thank you for it and keep their business coming back to you again and again for years to come. Give some of these ideas a try this season or come up with your own! 



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