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Useful Tools for Tracking Marketing Success

Written by Kyle Youngkin

Technology in the 21st century continues to advance at light speed. Not too long ago, golf courses were taking reservations over the phone and writing them on a piece of paper. Before anyone realized it, “standard operating procedure” at a course included a website, booking engine, email marketing platform, mobile app, social media… The list goes on and on.

As the list of tech tools grew, the need to understand them grew also. The old adage says, “If you measure it, you can manage it.” My question to you today is this: Are you measuring it?

Let’s take a look at some handy tools to track your marketing success:


1. Your Booking Engine

Most courses have some form of online booking system that allows players to book and manage their tee time in advance. A major benefit of these systems is the reports they produce. Each should have at least one report in common: booked revenue that displays the amount of money coming into the course per day.

Most courses take the time to set up their booking link and place it in all sorts of places- their website, app, social media, Google search, etc. (channels). The plan is to segment this revenue by where it’s coming from to learn the course’s most lucrative channels.

Whatever booking engine your course is using, it provides a way to create a specific URL per channel. Contact your booking engine provider to get these “clone/duplicate” URLs set up.

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2. Google Analytics

Designing a website and mobile app can be quite overwhelming. Questions like which buttons to add, where to place them, and how they're formatted cause even the most seasoned marketing professional stress.

Instead of choosing a layout for your app and website once, what if you were constantly tweaking it to ensure it was as simple as possible for users? It is possible to make informed layout decisions based on hard data from your users- you just need to have Google Analytics set up beforehand.

Google Analytics is a completely free application from Google. Once set up, it constantly gathers data about which pages are viewed, how long each page is viewed, and whether or not they’ve converted to a sale or whatever type of conversion you’re seeking. 

Ask your website and app provider if this is set up and if it is, take some time to sort through the data. Your marketing campaigns will thank you later!

google analytics

3. Your App's Management Dashboard

Your mobile app is set up, users are downloading it, but what do they use it for the most? We at Gallus Golf have created a brand new metrics dashboard for tracking activity, with more enhancements on the way.

Why are app metrics so important? Ask Trevor Secundiak, Manager of Tournaments & Sales at Kananaskis Country Golf Course in Alberta, Canada: 

“I look at that analytics page every month. You can easily see what's hot and what's not. If something isn't gaining traction as much as something else, try something different by replacing it. You can do it at any given time and really customize the marketing for what your people want to see.”

The best part is if you have a Gallus Golf mobile app, these metrics are already gathered! Simply log into your Gallus Golf dashboard to start viewing this data now.

gallus analytics


Everyone is busy, but even the most preoccupied managers should make time to make informed decisions about where their marketing budget is allocated. Make sure all three of these points are good to go so you’ll be ready come later this year! AND, should you find yourself continually running out of time to manage this yourself, let’s have a talk about our BOOST program where we do all of the heavy lifting for you.


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