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Shopping Cart Vs. Registration Payment Software

Written by James Morrow
We hear this all the time; “We don’t need registration payment software because we have a shopping cart."  The problem is that the two different services do two completely different jobs.  The Shopping Cart is great for quickly posting an item for sale with a picture and a price/description to sell to your website visitors.  

Conversely, a Registration Payment Software Service, like Golf EMS, allows your customers to open a sign-up form that gathers all the details you require for any given event or program and then lets them choose the various items available for purchase, paying for everything all at once in an easy 4 step process.

Using Registration Payment Services to register participants into an event or program, as opposed to a Shopping Cart, allows you to collect registrant details, such as; Club Rentals, Skill Level, Shirt Sizes, Meal Choices, the list is endless as to the amount of data that can be collected.

Your Online Registration Payment Service also becomes a service paid for by your event customers.  Most Online Registration Services cost event organizers $500 to $1000.  But you can make money with the Golf EMS Platform by charging approximately $250 to create the Registration Payment Form for your customer, providing a better service, and saving them money.  But the big benefit is that you get all the data, including registrant email addresses.
"With our own online registration and payment service, we know who's participating, we get paid much earlier, and we have a greater marketing reach... it's a no brainer." - Bob Kilgour, GM, Cardinal Golf Club 

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What is a Registration Payment Platform used for?

  • Leagues and Member Play
  • Golf Academies and Summer Camps
  • Special Events such as Brunches
  • Golf Events and Outings
  • Yearly Membership Forms
  • Promotions and Golf Packages

Click the button below to review ‘real-life’ examples of Registration Payment Forms, and you'll see that it would be very difficult for your Shopping Cart to achieve the same results.

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