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Running A Campaign Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Written by Holly Fischer

From advertising on social media to integrations with the Offer Locker, making money at your facility just got even easier…


Sometimes we need something simple to help close the gap on revenue, or maybe you’re looking to top last year’s numbers by a landslide. Maybe you just need a little technology to step in where you’re short-handed to help with some sales. 

Now more than ever, it is easy to get a campaign up, running, promoted, and sold in just a few clicks of the mouse. Best of all, you’ll gain loyal customers by forcing them to use your platforms to purchase and redeem all while having another channel to communicate with them at the same time.

Before we get to the 1, 2, 3s let’s start with the A, B, C’s of having a successful campaign. 

A) What is your goal? Common goals as we travel through the season and out of it could be selling prepaid rounds, pushing to under-utilized times of day (think twilight or even weekday evening golf rounds), lessons, merchandise, and really anything else under the sun.

B) What is your offer? How aggressive do you want to get in capturing this client?

C) What is the price? Let’s make this profitable, but also remember that this can be a great way to acquire a new and loyal customer, so consider this an investment possibly too. Also make sure you determine if there is a limited number available for this specific offer.


Okay, now that we have the tough part out of the way, it comes down to promoting your offer to the masses and selling out! That’s where the 1, 2, 3’s come into play…

1. Publish Your Offer/Product on Campaign Pilot

Campaign Pilot, by 1-2-1 Marketing, makes it easy to publish a product and make it available for purchase almost instantly. You even have control over the design of the landing page, any restrictions on the product (i.e. limits on number of people who can purchase), and so on. Once you sign up for Campaign Pilot, simply go through the steps to get your product and landing page live so you have something to link to in both your social piece and in your mobile app (of course!). Learn More About Campaign Pilot Here

campaignpilot master logo social secondary color

2. Publish a Social Media Ad on Facebook and/or Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are great, easy-to-use tools at your fingertips. You should have a Facebook page for your club already - if you don’t, this is a sign to get one going! 

With the Facebook Boosting feature, you can reach thousands of people in your area for a low cost (as low as $5!). You also have full control over the location you target, demographics, and interests. This feature works best when you have an offer or something with a clear call to action. So for example purposes, say we have created a Buy Five, Get One FREE Rounds package to help push some sales in the off-season. Create a simple Facebook post with an image to capture your audience’s attention like the one below.

Being prepared for the 2022 golf season has never been easier… We are now offering a limited-time special: Buy One Round, Get One FREE for the 2022 season. Includes golf, cart, and is valid as soon as we reopen. 
Buy Now - Offer Ends Soon - link to your package

*Pro Tip - make the image all image, very little to no text, and put all of the text into your post.  One, Facebook may reject the image with text all over it, and two, you benefit from the text being in the post because it can be impacted by search.

From here, you will want to Boost your post on Facebook. Target a driving radius of around 25-50 miles from your club for relevant reach. You can even take it a step further and narrow it down by age and interest in golf. Be sure you don’t get too narrow though so you can make sure to reach the most amount of people. I would suggest starting with a low budget between $10-$25 and increase as needed from there. You can always adjust your parameters and spend after you get the ad running.

Facebook Boost Post Targeting 1


3. Let Technology Take The Wheel

Once your product is available for purchase through Campaign Pilot and your new landing page and you’ve launched your Facebook boosted post, sit back and watch the dollars hit the bank account. Don’t worry about printing out gift certificates or emailing confirmations of purchase, Campaign Pilot has you covered. Once someone purchases your offer, they will receive an email with next steps on how to redeem. The product will be available as “offers” in the Offer Locker. They will redeem digitally through YOUR app - another channel you can target your new or returning customers on. Watch the latest Pro Tips Webinar on Campaign Pilot’s integration with your app.

Redeemed Offer 1 


CRITICAL in capitalizing on these new customers -  start thinking about what is going to keep them coming back, how to gain new ones in the process, and keep revenue high as we exit another great year for golf. Sit down with your colleagues and determine what you want to offer and follow these steps to get it sent out to the masses. Ready, set, go!

Feel free to reach out to me, Holly Fischer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to run any ideas by or get any help with a strategy on your Facebook advertising. Click here to learn about our BOOST Marketing Program where we handle all of this and more for you!




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