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3 Ways To Make The App Implementation Process A Breeze

Written by Jacob Williams


A reason you decided to move forward with an app for your facility is that you'd like your customers to become loyal to your club and use the app as a hub of information. Implementing your app is an essential step to making sure your customers adapt to this new way of communicating with your club. Here we list 3 easy ways for you to implement your app and make sure it is ideal for all your customers.


1. App Setup

Set your app up to be a reliable source of information for your customers. Nearly all of our top-performing apps have users book tee times, view upcoming events, access important news and updates, and identify course yardages all in one place. A couple of good questions to ask yourself/your team are:

"Is our app top of mind when our users are looking for up-to-date and relevant golf course information?"

"Does our app create a delightful, easy-to-use experience for our users?"

Schedule a call with your customer success manager so you can go through your mobile app, its current setup, and find ways to improve the experience and path for your users.

2. Acquire Downloads

To acquire downloads, both online and in-person marketing are equally important. Send emails, make Facebook posts, hang posters up in the golf shop, locker room, put signs up in your carts, and most importantly, have your employees working the counter ask every person who comes in the shop if they have downloaded the app. People are comfortable with mobile apps, and your club must set the tone to get people to download and use it. 

For new clubs that launch with us, utilize LaunchPad! This program used to be an additional fee, but it is INCLUDED now with your app. In the LaunchPad, we go through 6 weeks of marketing to help bring awareness to your customers about your app. 

Interested in LaunchPad? Reach out to Holly Fischer, Director of Marketing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started.

3. Consistent Communication After Launch

Everyone is on their phone these days, and being able to communicate with your golfers through their phones will create loyalty with your customers while keeping them in the know. Send push notifications on a consistent basis. As a golden rule, try putting yourself in your user's shoes and ask yourself "what notifications would I want to receive from the golf club and how often?"

Not sure what to communicate? Check out the Gallus Blog for plenty of ideas on how to communicate with your users. Or schedule a time to meet with your account manager to brainstorm some new ideas.


Overall, implementing your app and getting your customers to adopt this new form of communication from your facility is key to keeping loyal customers. Once this becomes an everyday practice, you'll find ease in having a simple and effective way of communicating about your club - through your mobile app!


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