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Utilizing Tech to Contribute to Your Phone Etiquette

Written by James Walsh

As the old saying goes, “you get one chance at a first impression.”  Sometimes that is over the telephone. We talk to a lot of courses over the phone week in and week out - actually over 3,000 calls a month our team makes to courses - and we definitely feel your pain in handling so many incoming calls with everything else you have on your plate right now.

  • You are busier than ever
  • In many cases, you are short-staffed
  • The weather has been good overall in the country so far this summer

These and a number of other factors are contributing to the challenges in running a successful golf operation in 2021, and giving your clients, members, prospective clients/members, and even vendors the time and consideration you would like to give them has been hit by this perfect storm of craziness at your facility.

While we understand you’re feeling the crush of this frustration right now, let’s all remember that in the end the increased engagement in golf we have seen is still a good problem for us all to have right now.

Please understand this is not a blog post to recommend you replace your personal communications with everyone with technology.  We are not about to recommend some awful phone tree that annoys your members when they just want to hear a voice and talk with someone.  We are going to recommend pieces of what we offer to help them engage in a better way, AND even make a phone call to you when they choose. 

Here are some basics in phone etiquette first though that are always a good reminder:

1. Tone of voice

Be HAPPY and sound that way. Remember, we are working in golf, it’s fun! We are not waiting on an organ to arrive that is running late in order to save someone’s life - this is a game that we have been able to build profitable businesses and relationships with, and it is FUN - so have fun and sound like you are!

2. Active listening

It is so much easier to have a productive phone conversation if you just listen instead of talking.  Remember they are calling you because they have something to say or ask, and if you happily take the time to listen, not only will they feel heard and appreciated, but you will likely be able to get off the phone quicker because the conversation can become concise - minus Mr. Smith of course who always talks your ears off!

3. Too busy or overwhelmed

In managing your business, if you have a staff member, or yourself, who is currently too busy or overwhelmed with a current task when possible don’t have that person also be the one answering calls.  It will come through in tone and the ability to actively listen

4. Be patient

In today's world, you never know what that person is experiencing on the other end and even though their emergency may not be your current priority, they should feel like it is.

5. General Attitude

This always goes a long way, but also never forget, that person on the other end of the phone is a contributor to your paycheck. Even when it is a member of a team like ours calling, vendors are always here to help you make more money, not just sell you things.  Your success is always our success.

So - how can our tech help alleviate any of this?

All of the pieces we are listing below will be common ways your customer/member behavior can change. By providing them simple places to grab their phone and get the info or interaction with your club they need/want, a number of inquiring phone calls will begin to disappear.

Tee Time Booking

The most crucial in most cases of all interactions with your clients is getting them reserved to be on the course.  By having a very quick, couple clicks away ability to book a tee time, often with logins and passwords saved, you can drive the behavior of people to book easily in your app.  They also will not ever see the available tee times of any of your competitors, AND if it’s worth it to you to discount a touch to get them to book in your app, talk to us about how to work with your booking engine to set up a channel that the rate is a touch lower in the app than anywhere else.  You can then advertise to people that your “Guaranteed Lowest Rate” is in your app, and then watch the people flock to there instead of their phones.

Loyalty Program Status

One absolute key in driving loyalty is the awareness of where we stand in loyalty programs we participate in.  If we know we have pending rewards or are close to earning a reward, we are much more likely to engage with that business. Within our loyalty programs, your customers will always have visibility to their current status and rewards available.

Current Offers

Once we get this training of your customers of where to access the best deals and ways to interact with your club, utilize your Offer Locker to make sure they know this is where they will always find the best deals! This will again get them engaging and booking with you without picking up the phone as frequently.

Course Conditions

Through a Featured News Item for when they are away from the course or Pop-Ups on the course, you are able to keep your golfers always in the know when it comes to course conditions.  No more calls about “how are the greens today?”

onTap Mobile Food Ordering

Food at the turn or post-round, move that to click to order! No more calls, just orders streaming in and being fulfilled by your team. We can help you get this set up and running quickly.

There is a lot more we can do that can be customized to your operations and it’s all definitely worth a conversation with our team.



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