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Your App: Augmenting Your Marketing Machine

Written by Holly Fischer

We’ve learned time and time again that your app can be used as another leg of your marketing machine. The main pieces of your machine should include, email marketing, social media, print materials, and generated word of mouth at the club. Your app should be the hub for reaching your customers across all communications because it can convey all of the other tools in one place. 

Here are three quick ways to consolidate all of your other marketing campaigns into your app to create that Hub for your customers:

  • Push Notifications

    • Sending a push is probably the quickest and easiest way to spread the news about something at your club. You can reach out to your customers alerting them to an event, open tee times, a special promotion, and it hits their phone like they received a text through the club. The power of the push comes into play when you decide where you want to take your customers for more information when they act on the push.With your app you can easily match all other promotional channels by linking the push notification to a landing page, flyer, registration, or anything else. You simply direct it to the same call to action you have in email, social media, or any other. Did you know, push notifications outperform emails? You’ll be getting in touch with more people than your emails will with a simple push notification.

push notifications

  • News Items

    • Your course/club, your app, your clients, your message! News Items allow you to control the narrative for your business all of the time.. The best part about the featured news item is that it sits at the top of the home screen of your app. Whenever someone opens your app, the news item is right there for them to tap on and learn more about what’s going on. PLUS, you can push to the featured news item like we mentioned above, or any other news item in your catalog. 

    • Members-only clubs - this is a great way to gain potential new members through your app. Keep a catalog of all your past events so it becomes a no-brainer to sign up at your club because you have a lot going on AND you’re keeping your membership up to date.

club news

  • Pop-Ups

    • Pop-ups are a great reminder that can be placed throughout your app. Whether it be a reminder to order food before the turn so you can easily pick it up, or notifying your golfers that #10 is cart path only today, pop-ups are a great way to communicate what you've tried to across other channels right at the moment most needed... In addition, this is a great way to double up on the communications for something important. 

    • Adding a pop-up at app open is a great way to double up on your push notification and make sure people who maybe lost service or didn’t get your push can still be notified of what you’re trying to communicate. 

in app message

Overall, it’s time to start utilizing your app as the Hub for all of your marketing channels and efforts that tie your machine together to create maximum engagement... The app provides all of the other features to engage golfers like GPS, Scorekeeping, and more, and as a Hub for all of your marketing efforts, it can quickly generate a very loyal, committed customer base. Our challenge to you is to start using pushes, news items, and pop-ups to double up on your marketing communications. When you send your next email, take a minute to send a push about it or add the email to your news items. This repetition for your customers, and an extra step for you, will pay off in the long run in building a loyal customer base.



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