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The ABCs of Promoting Your App

Written by Holly Fischer

Follow these tips to keep adding new customers to your app on a regular basis

Good news, you have a mobile app and your customers are enjoying all of the features it provides. More good news, golf is great and you keep seeing new faces at the golf course and your database is growing. You’ve captured their email and contact information at check-in, but did you tell them about your mobile app? If you did, awesome. If you forgot in the madness of the busy season, it’s okay. In this blog post, we’ve got you covered with ways to keep your app relevant in front of both your old and new customers.

A) Include your app in your emails

  • Starting with our LaunchPad program, you’ve emailed your customers about downloading the app and introducing them to all its great features. Now, we need to keep reminding them of these features and any new ones we have added. If you add a new feature, send an email about it!
  • Include your app banner and download link at the bottom of all email communications. You’d be surprised at how many people click a banner at the bottom of your email about the app. We’ve seen through our BOOST Marketing Program hundreds of people clicking on the app banner from one email. Sure, some of these people might already have the app, but you’re capturing their attention and your customers are interested. 
  • Add information and a download link to your tee time confirmation emails. Remind your customers that they can easily book directly through the app for their next tee time. If you offer Mobile Tee Time Check-In, remind them in their confirmation email that they can easily check-in before heading to the course to save time and highlight any other incentives you’re offering through your app.

B) Post About It On Social Media

  • As mentioned in our last blog post, social media is just another leg of your marketing machine. You need to market your app. So why not add it as a weekly post on your social channels? Make sure you keep the posts fresh with new information, whether that be highlighting a special they might receive through a push or highlighting a new feature that is not used as much, find a way to highlight reasons for downloading your app at least once a week.

C) Add Information To Your Website

  • We’ve seen some courses come up with a dedicated landing page just for their app and we’ve seen some courses add a banner on the home screen about their app. Both are prime real estate options and a great way to continue to increase downloads. Make sure you link it to the smart download link so people can click on the banner or button and download it. 

Your customers learn best by repetition. The more you can share and remind them about your app, the more downloads and the more engaged your customers will be. Try these simple steps that only take a few minutes to help continue to promote your app. 

Pro Tip: Use Bit.ly or other smart link trackers to track different places you’re promoting the app. See what’s getting you more downloads and what’s not! Then change it up and try something new - marketing is all about learning what your customers are attracted to.


If you’d like to learn more or run some ideas by our team on how to continue to promote your app, please reach out to the Director of Marketing, Holly Fischer, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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